LinkedIn Headshots and Social Media Profile Photos

In today’s hyper-paced digitized global economy, having a LinkedIn profile is essential for any professional or unemployed

Outdoor Headshots with Cinematic Lighting

Good weather days are a great opportunity to photograph outdoor headshots using cinematic lighting. Cinematic lighting is a st

Dentist Headshots at a Vancouver Dental Clinic

I photographed these dentist headshots on-site at a Vancouver dental clinic. We offer mobile services, so our lighting and cam

Natural Light Headshots In Studio from Just $109

Natural light headshots are a very popular option. I use studio lighting whenever possible because it gives me maximum control

Professional LinkedIn Headshots In Studio from just $109

Having a professional Linkedin headshot photo is one of the most beneficial things you can do to improve your LinkedIn profile

Vancouver Realtor Headshots Outdoors

Shooting “on location” can produce unique headshot portraits to differentiate your photos from the thousands of other head

Vancouver Realtor Headshots

If you are looking to produce unique looking Vancouver realtor headshots, a simple option is to choose the outdoors or a head

Corporate Office Headshots

I often go on-site for corporate office headshots because it gives my clients the most convenience. Working around client sche

White Background Headshots

White Background Headshot A white background headshot is one of the most timeless types of professional headshots you can prod

Architect Headshots – Office Photos