Dentist Headshots at a Vancouver Dental Clinic

Dentist Headshots

I photographed these dentist headshots on-site at a Vancouver dental clinic. We offer mobile services, so our lighting and camera equipment can be set up to shoot in almost any space. For these dentist headshots, I set up three lights in their small reception area and used the reception wall as my background.

We scheduled the session in the morning before the clinic opened. Each staff member only needed to spend approximately ten minutes for their session and they got to see their headshots as we went.

The head dentist had a longer session that included a few different looks. The sample dentist headshot here was just one of the looks I did at this session.

photos for dental staff dental staff portraits Dental staff headshots

If you would like a schedule dentist headshots for your clinic and staff, please contact us for on-site group rates and availability.