Grey Background Headshots

gray background headshot

Grey background headshots for great for skin tones. Gray is neutral colour that looks great for most skin types, and allows you to wear lighter colours that may otherwise not work well on white backgrounds.

Grey is also a great choice to compliment most colours of attire, but neutrals and blues tend to work really well.

Gray backgrounds are actually produced using seamless white backdrops. Depending on the distance that lighting is from the backdrop, different shades of grey can be produced. Different angles of lighting can also effect the look of the image, so if you’re up for grey background headshots, be sure to ask me about the angle of light as well as the shade of grey you like best. If you want to compare different grey background options, you can also check out background shades made by Savage.

Grey backgrounds can be hard to match, so if you want consistency for a group of people, let me know in advance so that the right calculations can be made for repeatability.