Group Photos

Small business team photoWe can produce group photos such as team photos, staff headshots, individual portraits for a board of directors, or headshots for attendees of an event. In general, there are two main types: Live Team Photos, which are photographed on-site (or studio for smaller groups) with everyone present, and Composite Team Photos, which combine individual digital portraits into a simulated group photo.

Live Team Photos

Photos can be produced on-site to promote your team, or produced digitally as a composite team photo.

vancouver engineering team photoslaw team photoshoppedlaw team photosVancouver construction team photo

Composite Team Photos

Composite team photos consist of individual portraits that are combined using a digital editing magic. Composite team photos are a versatile option – because individuals can be digitally added or removed as the group changes over time.

group composite photoscomposite team photo composite team photo