Outdoor Headshots with Cinematic Lighting

Outdoor cinematic headshots Vancouver Outdoor cinematic headshots Vancouver Outdoor cinematic headshots Vancouver

Good weather days are a great opportunity to photograph outdoor headshots using cinematic lighting. Cinematic lighting is a style of lighting used to illuminate images to produce vivid headshot portraits with a blurry (out-of-focus) background. These types of headshots require some on-location lighting setup to produce. We use either two or three lights and/or reflectors to produce this look. This is in contrast to natural-light headshots, which are produced without additional flash lighting. Natural light headshots have a softer look, can sometimes be less vivid in colour, and feature more natural shadows.

These executive headshots were produce right outside my client’s Vancouver home. We originally planned to shoot these headshots in his residential backyard, but due to a lack of depth and background colours, I decided to move the photo session onto the sidewalk instead. The location was in a quiet neighbourhood, so foot traffic wasn’t an issue for our background. I like to put my clients in the shade to keep the harsh sun off them, and to make the outdoor headshots more comfortable on a hot day. Fortunately, there were some large trees that lined the block, so those helped to shade my client during the session. The shaded area is then lit by studio flashes to produce a cinematic headshot look.

Outdoor headshots vary in terms of session length. On a very warm day, you usually don’t want to be outdoors for longer than half an hour. After that, the discomfort of being outside too long starts to creep into the headshot photos. For Vancouver headshots, one great option is to shoot headshots in the evening during the summer – Vancouver sunsets are later in the evening, and the cooler temperature helps facilitate a more comfortable photo shoot.

If you are interested in outdoor headshots or group photos for business or personal use, please contact us to learn more about setting up an headshot booking appointment.